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Latest Updates

Wednesday, 06/21/18:

The update included the following fixes:

  • Virtual Office: Genealogy Export downloads faster.

  • Virtual Office: Individual Profile “Outside Leg Points” table downloads correct information.

  • Virtual Office: Dashboards now displays time out error message accurately.

  • Virtual Office: Order Receipt link from my business pages now responds and opens.

  • My Account: Bugs with deleting and adding an address in My Account in Internet Explorer were fixed.

  • My Account: Subscription information shows which credit card was used for payment.

  • My Account: Profile page now displays correct renewal date Ambassadors.

  • My Account: When a Subscription order fails/declines, order status now states "Processing Error".

  • Enrollment and Subscribe: Favorite Subscriptions bundles are now displayed for International markets.

  • Canada: Terms & Conditions available when Canadian Ambassador chooses to sign-in during checkout.

  • Canada: Consistency Club dashboard is now displaying Canada information.

  • Canada: Logged in US customer can now view the Canada website.

  • Checkout: Billing Address ‘State’ field now longer defaults to Alabama.

  • Checkout: Ambassadors are now able to change date of their Subscription when checking out on blackout days.

  • Checkout: Credit Card with current month expiration no longer stops user from completing checkout.

  • Virtual Office: Points and Rank Up export no longer downloads empty sheet.

The following enhancements were also added:

  • Subscription: Address for new Subscription can be updated to address of preference.

  • Joyōme: New Face Map now available on homepage of

  • Subscription: California Subscription Disclaimer added to Subscription flow.

  • Virtual Office: 'New Ambassadors' dashboard does not time out as quickly.

  • Orders: Updated “Printed” order status to "Fulfilling”.

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