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Latest Updates

Wednesday, 02/07/18:

  • Fixed an issue that kept a new Ambassadors cart from clearing after completing enrollment under certain conditions.

  • Users are now prompted when there is an error with their subscription and are given options to resolve the issue(s).

  • Fixed an issue causing some users to experience an issue with the Recognition page not loading in Virtual Office.

  • Plexus Slim(Original) is now available when creating a new subscription for Ambassadors.

  • Ambassadors who did not have a MySite created at the time they enrolled are now able to create one through the MySite section of My Account.

  • Fixed an issue with bookmarked links in Virtual Office which stopped bookmarked links from working properly after logging in.

  • Fixed issue causing two menus to display on Step 3 of the Ambassador enrollment process.

  • Fixed issue causing Points and Rank Up graphs to not display for all users.

  • Fixed issue where clicking Sign In during the Ambassador enrollment process would send the user to the home page, not back to the enrollment step they were on.

  • Fixed issue causing My Account and Sign Out links to disappear under some screen resolutions.

  • Fixed issue where selecting the 'Text is Best' option on a user profile in My Account was not saved.

  • Fixed issue causing export data link on the Individual Genealogy Profile to not work for all Ambassadors.

  • Fixed issue causing incorrect price to display, for some items during enrollment, to some enrolling Ambassadors. This was a display only issue and Ambassadors were charged the correct amount.

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